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So biofluorescence is not the exclusive source of fluorescence. Please check the schedule and places indicated below and make a note so that you do not miss out on our important sessions for you to prepare your start at Korea University.

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Astronomers have discovered thousands of exoplanets in the Milky Way galaxy in the past two decades, and most of the rocky, Earth-size ones orbit stars like Proxima Centauri, known as M dwarfs. Chaat suggestions range from the Earth-inspired familiar molecules in atmospheres, light from photosynthetic plants to sci-fi fantasies giant structures that harvest energy from stars, blast shields that protect civilizations from lethal cosmic rays.

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But the cozier these worlds are with their stars, the more they feel the effects of ultraviolet flares and winds. The orientation conducted by Global Services Center is mandatory.

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Robinson Meyer They found the answer in the sea, in coral reefs that glow in the dark. The instantaneous change in the wavelength of the light, from long to short, produces a brilliant show of colors, from pinks and caht to greens and reds. Kreidberg recently reported about the existence of a planet nearly 50 light-years away with a missing atmosphere, and she suspects that the M dwarf it orbits is responsible.

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And there are so many of them: M dwarfs are the most numerous type of star in the galaxy. Fluorescent pigments in the invertebrates absorb damaging ultraviolet light, transform it, and then emit it as harmless, visible light. It will be years before a new generation of apien, now under constructioncan take a closer look at the planet and other rocky worlds around flaring stars. The process can protect single-celled organisms that live slien the coral and supply food in exchange for shelter.

Kaltenegger envisions a world where fluorescent organisms teem in a shallow, transparent ocean wrapped in a thin, wispy atmosphere. Instead, they would light up. Barring the surprise invention of warp speed, human beings will never visit Proxima Centauri b, where the sky, if it has one, would be a brew of purples and oranges instead of our familiar blues.

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Because M dwarfs are dimmer than stars like our sun, planets have to huddle much closer for warmth. Our sun is surrounded. Below, the clear water would teem with organisms unburdened by ultraviolet radiation—in fact, shaped by it.

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Orientation Week is a program of social and academic activities deed to introduce you to life and study at Korea University. But the same factors that make M dwarfs excellent candidates for exoplanets might make the stars unsuited for supporting life.

Their size makes it easier for telescopes to observe a faint wobble in the stara that a planet could be on its way around, and the dimness helps telescopes discern a roving exoplanet against the glare. Alken on Earth—which comes not only from marine creatures, but from vegetation and other sources—is too small to detect from great distances.

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She says other planets could hold on to their atmosphere if, like the early Earth, they have water vapor and carbon dioxide in their interior, which could break through the surface and replenish a vanishing ocean. The methods astronomers use to find lurking exoplanets make M dwarfs a favorite target.

Perhaps they might detect a strange soft glow from life molded by another star, a that we have neighbors, and that they left the lights on. The illuminated side might be scorching and barren, and the darkened side frigid zlien icy. Attending orientation is an important step of starting university so attendance is considered essential.

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A potential atmosphere could be boiled away or frozen off. Such proximity suggests that these exoplanets might be tidally locked, with one face perpetually turned toward the star and the other out to space. Imagine if astronomers found a planet around an M dwarf that kept its atmosphere long enough for water to pool on its surface.

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