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I was th of runners, th of men and 72nd of 94 men aged 55 to Since I only had a chip time this goes down as my sixth fastest of 36 marathons to date, although by chip time it is the slowest of my four marathons this year. I was surprised to do so well in my age group. This is my fourth slowest marathon ever, but judging by my comparative rankings to other races it may be my worst ever I am afraid to check.

My downward spiral continued in the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon as I had my third-worst marathon ever, My clock time of was exactly 12 minutes faster than my HHI clock time.

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The weather was cool, temperatures started around 50 and never climbed much. This year I was th of runners just barely worse than a year agoth of men slightly better than last yearand 21st of 43 men aged 55 to 59 slightly better than last year when age group were given 50 to One aspect of this course which I really did not like was that they had us run right past the finish line at the halfway point. This was the most scenic course I have run. I really like this marathon and will probably run again, I hope on a day with nicer weather.

I suspect the winters might be a tad extreme by South Carolina standards.

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This was 38 minutes slower than my time here a year ago. My first Jacksonville race had finishers, this is the closest I have come to a match in s of finishers. But note that if I had been 14th of 22 I would have matched my 55 to 59 male performance maratjon Casper, despite having a much worse overall performance.

Bi male phone chat marathon

For once I had no fear of getting lost. In Fargo my wheels came off at 8.

Bi male phone chat marathon

I was 89th of runners, 57th of 87 men, 6th of 9 maratgon aged 55 to 59, and first of two men aged 55 to 59 named David. The wind was a little bothersome, but except for a really strong blast in the final mile not all that bad. I have to mwrathon how badly I want Boston as picking up the extra time may involve harder training and closer control of what I eat and drink. It is amazing how happy you can feel to break five hours.

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We did the final 3 or 4 miles on ro. Cnat the race I had two bottles of water and a bottle of Gatorade and was just about to enter the beer area when my calves cramped up big time.

Bi male phone chat marathon

We did finish by going into Lambeau Field and running a lap around the playing field, and at that point I did encounter many people who walked or very slowly ran the half. I finished th of runners, th of men, and 7th of 17 men 55 to I think I may turn to the Galloway method and do some planned walking earlier in the race. I was th of overall runners, nd of men, and 4th of 11 in the male 60 to 64 age group.

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Mind you, step one is obtaining nuclear-powered bulldozers and eliminating a few hills. Paul to Atlanta, was late due to equipment problems, so I had to stay overnight in Atlanta. Actually I observed my birthday by running the marathon, I celebrated my birthday by drinking beer later on.

So I did pjone walking beginning at mile A friend of mine from Charleston, Virginia Wininger, qualified for Boston at this race. My rankings are not as good as two years ago but certainly better than in my two May races. My collapses also occurred earlier in those two races.

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In fact, some cloud cover late in the race would have been beneficial. This was a well-organized race on a pretty decent course, and they had a great post-race event. The race organizers did a fantastic job; in particular, they had the most hydration stations of any marathon I have ever seen, easily having more than one per mile once we got past mile 2. This is good beer, I was simply looking forward to a better selection.

The weather was really nice with temperatures in the low 50s. Once again I knew many of the runners, and it was good to be able to go home after the race instead of going back to a motel room.

I need to find some flat marathons. I met and spoke with more marathoners at this marathon than at any other, I think. I did some planned walking at miles 12 and 17, then some unplanned walking later on.

Both Jacksonville and Charleston in January went out the window, although I did run the half bl in Charleston. The rain held off until long after I finished. It was just slightly windy, and overcast but with no rain during the race.

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