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And the answer is, yes, they know of and I gqy of people, but the bottom line is, we have to respect the privacy of each individual and their own timeline of when they are comfortable discussing this issue. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.

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I think what's more important is that all of our athletes, in all of our programs, feel safe hay protected, whether gay or straight, black or white, male or female. The more dialogue we have about this will create an environment where more can feel safe about coming out and discussing this in the years ahead.

Gay college chat

MDguy: In a question, you said there aren't really any established support groups. There's little doubt in my mind that athletes I coached probably would have had problems with this whole issue, particularly at a school like Auburn. In the survey, 84 percent said they met sex partners online, and about two-thirds had recently had anal sex without condoms.

Bubba: I wouldn't ask you to name names, but are you aware of any major college or pro gay athletes? What's perhaps different is athletes don't feel as safe as other collee in other professions, in terms of their ability to be "out. Michael Muska: In many ways, the reactions have been just the opposite.

Gay college chat

Any questions for Mike? But athletics remains, in many ways, the final closet.


Michael Muska: Having just arrived here, it's a non-issue. Do you agree collehe disagree? Michael Muska: Collrge prevented me from pursuing certain jobs, because I've realized those would not be bay where I would not be comfortable being who I am. Milda: I'm an Oberlin grad and am so glad that you are part of this discussion. I do not want to work in an environment where I do not feel safe or supported. I don't think gay athletes are getting attention because so few are out, particularly on the male side.

Michael Muska: I don't know of any. Orlando Do you feel your being openly gay draws more in-the-closet gays to your athletic teams? That's something we certainly try to do here at Oberlin.

Gay college chat

It's an unwillingness to address the issue. Why are you gay? I've never had this happen, but I've tried to figure out what I would do in the situation.

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It's been an issue that hasn't been addressed well enough. They've been incredibly supportive since I've arrived. Michael Muska: It would be an excellent teaching moment, and a situation in which you could sit down and talk to the team about what fhat reasons were relative to those concerns. Michael Muska: In my earlier days of college coolege, I was not out, and actually got out of athletics for a period of time while I wrestled with my own sexuality.

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Jerry: I was wondering how you would deal with the following situation -- you had a openly gay athlete on the team, and the rest of the team refused to dress in the same locker room with that athlete. Can you talk about some of your experiences in that environment? Research released Tuesday suggests that for some, the Internet serves the same hazardous purpose as gay bathhouses did in the early s, when the AIDS virus first spread rampantly among homosexual men. A former track and field coach at Coloege and Northwestern, Muska was twice named Southeastern Conference coach of the year and has helped 20 athletes reach All-America honors.

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Eddie: How do you feel about how the gay male athlete is being treated in today's sports, and do you have any advice for those males who may happen collegr be gay? Unfortunately for any pro athlete, it probably will come after their career. Michael Muska: I agree that it's a bigger issue in male athletics, fhat for many people being gay as a female athlete might even be seen as a chaf strength or masculinity -- whereas on the male side it can be perceived as weakness or femininity, something an opponent might see as a chance to create an advantage by.

As part of the Outside the Lines series on gays and homophobia in sports, Muska took questions in a chat session about his experience and those of other gay athletes and officials.

Gay college chat

Cardinal: I think homophobia is a primarily male phenomenon when it comes to athletics. It might help many of them address their own personal issues of sexual discomfort, moreso than homophobia, and hopefully eliminate many of the myths that might surround being gay. For most gay male athletes, that's their biggest fear -- of discovery.

I know that colkege last year's NCAA Final Four for women in basketball, there was a discussion for this issue at the convention. I think even the show tonight is a good illustration of how much more difficult it was to find male participants to discuss this issue. One of my concerns about this issue is that many of the spokespeople are those who come out after they were in sports, as opposed to when they were in it.

Gay college chat

Michael Muska: The reason is there are so few "out" gay leaders, either coaches or administrators, to take an intiative on this issue, especially on the male side. Some of it also is what kind of climate a director sets in a department. I think being gay can make someone that much tougher, in terms of dealing with situations.


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It might be important, however, as you become more important yourself, to share your experiences with people at the colleve to make them even more sensitive to the reality that there are gay student-athletes in their programs. In some ways, I feel a little bit like a role model. He said my answer should be, "Don't flatter yourself, guys.

It seems to be much more of a media issue in women's athletics, while many in male athletics would like to believe that we're not there.

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I was in sports throughout my childhood, including a two-sport athlete in college. Unsafe sex linked to gay chat rooms Chat rooms on gay Web sites are becoming a common place for arranging risky sexual encounters, a survey found, as experts worry about a possible upswing in HIV infections. I'm talking big names. Buffman: Do you feel that by admitting you're gay that it could or has cost you more prestigious job opportunities?

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