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Gay phone chat bolton

Spread a little love people! The gay village was aptly named, now it should just be renamed the str8 playground. Even on Canal Street you get the forty something couples staring at you like your a freak!

Gay phone chat bolton

From Mark in Manchester andy no its not broke :. I,m not denying kids get bullied for a variety of reasons, none of which should be tollerated, but can you tell me how many adult individuals that wear specs, have been attacked or murdered bollton adult gangs.

It is these thugs who spoil the hetrosexual reputation amongst the homosexual community. I'd far rather things botlon like this in Manchester, and thought when new mixed bars opened it would get better. From Ben in Peterborough, Cams I'm 17 nad have come out as bisexual for about a year now. Last Mardi Gras however I suddenly turned into a tourist attraction when a straight scouse girl insisted on taking my photo!

A viscious circle.

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Is it a cool place to live from a guy guys point of view? That's all it is. Not even in our own space most of the time.

OK so a drink thats a little more expensive in a smart classy bar is ok but to be charged 2. Me and all my friends now drink in Deansgate Locks, here it may be full of str8 people but the venues are cleaner, the people are often much nicer and nobody really minds what you do, i quite often walk hand in hand with my boyf.

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It can sometimes get a little unfriendly because of this I find. The love the atmosphere and the friendliness of the village.

Gay phone chat bolton

This is the label people place on themselves and this creates problems in the longrun - people place these labels on themselves - so other people discriminate against them coz they want to be 'openly gay' or whatever label that they want. People should be themselves - dont try to adopt a package out of a box. From Andy in Manchester First of all i am far from paranoid, i face the reality of the situation everyday, and i dont just speak from my own personel experiences, my comments reflect the lives of hundreds of others throughout the world and many closer to home.

Gay phone chat bolton

This society is parisan enough as it is without making certain groups exclusive. We go out to have a laugh. Too many straight people are invading the gay persons' space, which in turn makes less room for gay people.

Gay phone chat bolton

It's a cliquey scene for fish too small to be big anywhere cyat, but who find themselves too big for the backwaters of Bolton. I dont mean to offend but; yes its somewhere to go where we can feel safe with little or no abuse, but thats it.

A deathly silence

From Dave in Cheadle Hulme I think they should all be bulldozed because the clubs on Canal Street drag down the surrounding areas. I agree things have changed and we are more accepted, but theres still a big question of are we respected? If God's so against homosexuality then why did he make people gay?

What I said at the end still stands though, it's not forever, and you will get out of it! What it lacks is support and communication. If they love, respect and enjoy our space as all my straight friends do!

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Maybe the L of Wigan should support a Gay venue in the town as oppossed to travelling every time. Go get a life of your own, then come back and tell us how good it is.

That fact hasn't clouded my view of reality, and i'm sick of those that cant remember why the village was initially set up, and those initial reasons remainand an influx of str8 people into the village will not alter that. What u reckon?

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I knew there was nothing to be ashamed of by the age of 10,i just could'nt understand others reaction to my sexuality that felt so normal to mealso i was scared of peoples rejection. Thats a bit of my point really - why do people want to be 'openly gay'?

Gay phone chat bolton

You have to keep your head down and turn a blind eye to so much now and I believe a lot less so on the "Straight " scene. By allowing people into a club purely based on their sexual preference it implies people only go out to pull. From UrbanFairy!

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