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That being said, if there is something you like about them that makes you still want to be their friend? I'm sorry, but I just don't feel a romantic connection. That being said, I just didn't feel any romantic chemistry between us, so I think we're better off as friends. I had a lot of fun, but I'm not interested in continuing freind relationship in the romantic sense [because XYZ reasons].

Why good friends are so important

I'd still like to be friends, though! It means you knew yourself well enough to recognize that the good energy, convos that flowed easily, and shared taste in music would be a perfect foundation for a platonic relationship — but not a romantic one. I've thought about our date a lot and I think we'd be better off as friends for [insert reason here]. You don't have to give the other person an explanation, and you absolutely don't have to make up a nice trait about the other person if you're not feeling it.

Your crush.

Love to text want a friend

Susan Edelmana psychiatrist, ly told Elite Daily, "We all know rejection is part of the game, but self-esteem and confidence shouldn't take a hard loce when you turn someone down. I am interested in a friendship with you, though. But you can be honest — especially if there's a specific reason your date lacked chemistry or compatibility that you picked up on. Are you open to that?

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Next step is letting them know where you stand. I'm talking about that brutally honest, deeply loving, unwavering bond you have with your best friend in the whole wide world. Then there's your relationship with your crush. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Sure, with time, maybe he s become your lover and best friend.

Love to text want a friend

The difference is pretty hilarious, if you ask me. Good for you! You'll want to be straight-up so there's no room for confusionand civil enough to leave lovd door open for friendship.

Sweet messages to send

If you're reaching out first, some examples include: "Hi! I hope you understand! It can also remind them that there's nothing wrong with them, but you two are just fridnd romantically compatible. I'm not talking about the casual love you have for your friends As dating coach Erika Ettin told Elite Daily, "The two keys are tact and honesty when letting someone down.

However, I do want to keep hanging out with you and doing [insert activity here — whether that's seeing a movie like you did on your date, going to the same bar for trivia night, etc. There really is nothing quite like the love shared between two best friends.

So, while your text convo with your best friend is more like a way too long, totally uncensored, borderline psychotic, never-ending journal entry, your conversation with him is more like an extremely censored, brutally short, carefully planned dialogue between two people with palpable sexual tension. When it comes to rejection texts to send if you want to be friendsyou've got to strike the right balance.

50+ ‘thinking of you’ messages for a caring text, or card

Thank you for following up on the date! The biggest thing to keep in mind when crafting this text is say what you'd want to hear if you were on the receiving end of it. I had fun last night, but Fo don't think we have romantic chemistry. It wouldn't hurt to put that in your text.

Heartfelt best friend text messages for your friend

I'm not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. While someone might be disappointed that you don't want to go out again, [they] can't really be angry at you for feeling, or not feeling, how you do.

Love to text want a friend

You can send them a text like the following: "Hey! But as of now, he is nowhere frienf friendship territory. Do you still want to be friends?

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