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Thus, inthe crude divorce rate, which means the of divorces per 1 inhabitants, amounted to 1. Although the marital union is still an important social structure, the of children born outside marriage has been growing over the years see Table 1. The visible changes in the marital status of the population of the Republic of Croatia are an effect of the increase of the mean age at first marriage, that is, of the increasing of one-person households and extra-marital unions as well as the decreasing of new marriages and the increasing of divorces.

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The lowest total fertility rate of 1. The total fertility rate, which is one of the most accurate indicators of the population reproduction trends, was also ificantly under the simple reproduction level, which is set at 2. See also. In the observed year period, the majority of divorces was recorded in when their amounted to 5while the lowest of them was recorded in when that had reached 4 For women aged 70 or more, the of widowed women was Looking at the changes within the legal marital status from the Census and the Census, it can be seen that the share of married men and women in the intercensus period decreased, while the share of men and women who never married and of divorced persons increased.

The marital union in societies similar to the Croatian one, in which the traditional views regarding many aspects of life prevail, the most common form of union is the one between two people of the opposite sex. In Figure 1, it can be seen that In other words, a minority of the population aged 20 and above, although comprised of married men and women according to their legal marital status, does not live with their partners and therefore does not constitute a marital union.

On the other hand, as far as the widowed, which comprise According to sex, there are also noticeable differences within these older age groups.

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The unknown marital status was recorded with 0. A married man and a married woman do not necessarily make a marital union Except for the data about the legal marital status, the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings was the first census for which the data about the types of droatia persons live in had been gathered.

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The of divorced persons croagia the total of persons aged 20 or above was relatively low and amounted to 4. This fact is mostly due to a set of social and economic factors.

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In spite of the increase of the of children born outside marriageinafter a xex period, only 39 live births were recorded, which is a decrease of 8. This kind of distribution according to sex is related to the coratia that women live 7 years longer, on average, than men. Thus the of children born outside marriage in the year period grew from 9. All these factors contribute to the increase in the mean age of both the bride and the groom at first marriage.

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The share of religious marriages decreased from almost two cjat of the total of new marriages in to about half share of civil in The percentage of the younger age groups from 20 to 39 years in the total of persons who never married is extremely high The nuptiality rate the of newly-formed marriages per 1 inhabitants amounted to 4.

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These facts show that men get married at a later age than women, and most often with women younger than themselves.

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It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that the majority of the The ever increasing coverage of younger generations by higher education is a very important element in pushing the marriage age to older age groups. In Table 3 it can be seen that, out of the total of new marriages in Although the of live born children oscillates over the years, it can be expected in the future that the of live births will decrease because of the decrease in the total of women of the fertile age, which was constantly dropping over the entire observed period.

Increase in the of live births outside marriage The decrease in the of marriages affects to a certain extent the long-term tendency of a decreased of live births natalityhaving in mind that in the Republic of Croatia most children are born in marriages even today. Out of the total of married men and women aged 20 and above, In other words, as compared tothe of marriages dropped by Thus, inthe mean age of the bride at first marriage was Further reasons can be found in the independence of women, who have been more and more included on the labour market in recent years.

Out of 39 live births inthere were The population aged 20 years and over by legal marital status, type of union in which person lives and sex sexx presented in Figure 2. Increase in share of civil marriages Within the observed year period, an increase in the share of civil, that is, a decrease in the share of religious marriages was recorded.

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It is interesting that in the of newly-formed marriages fell below 20 for the first time, which surely happened due to the multi-year decrease in the size of the population between the ages of 20 and 39, that is, of the population belonging to the age group in which the largest of marriages are formed. Main statistical findings Changes in marital status of population of Republic of Croatia In countries, including the Republic of Croatia, where tradition has a strong influence, the percentage of married men and women is relatively high.

Typically, another outbreak can appear weeks or months after the first, but it almost always is less severe and shorter than the first outbreak.

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Thus, inthe average age of the mother at the birth of the first child was Unlike the male friends, however, dating is more than just worrying about the venue.

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