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Data will be collected by trained data technicians, in-person and over the phone.

Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 24, Then, all physicians will receive a Summary Teefn that outlines the adolescent's high risk behaviors that contribute to weight sweetened beverages, fast food, breakfast, physical activity, screen time, and sleep and a new set of encounters will be audio recorded. Patients will be identified by research study staff and asked if they would be willing to have their clinic visit audio recorded for research purposes.

Teeen chat

All participants adolescent patients and physicians will be ased a code that is the sole identifier on all study data forms. The virtual world of teen chat may offer a safer environment for exploring emerging sexuality than the real world.

Tel: Toll Free ; Fax: ; e-mail: usjcs elsevier. A new set of encounters 4 per physician will be audio recorded. Our study utilizes this window to explore how issues of sexuality and identity are constructed in a teen chat room. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology: An International Lifespan Journalv25 n6 p Nov In this article, we propose that adolescents' online interactions are both a literal and teen metaphoric screen for representing major adolescent developmental issues, such as sexuality and identity.

Teeen chat

There are three phases of data collection. Online discourse in a teen chat room: New codes and new modes of coherence in a visual medium. Then, half of the physicians will be randomized to receive a tailored web-based intervention containing information about evidence-based techniques to help adolescents attain a healthy weight.

This exchange is critical to the activity of ''pairing off'', an important teenage expression of emerging sexuality. Our microanalysis reveals that participants use the online space of teen chat to air adolescent concerns about sexuality and to develop creative strategies to exchange identity information with their peers. The web-based intervention will be password protected.

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Developmental issues from adolescents' tteeen lives are reconstructed online with some important differences. Because of the public nature of Internet chat rooms, they provide an open window into the expression of adolescent concerns.

Teeen chat

Data is collected on laptop computers and then downloaded into password protected electronic files on a secure network server. Condition or disease. We adapt qualitative discourse methodology to microanalyze a half-hour transcript from a monitored teen chat room, comparing it, where relevant, to a second transcript, used in a prior study [Greenfield, P.

Teeen chat

Prior to and after coding, digital files will be stored in password protected directories to which only the data technicians and project manager have access. Through the verbally explicit exchange of identity information, participants are able to ''pair off'' with partners of their choice, despite the disembodied nature of chat participants.


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