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We created needhelpnow. If you decide to enter a report at Cybertip.

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About sharing image captionFBI agents were faced suspension or dismissal for a range of offences The FBI has disciplined agents for sending nude pictures, bugging a boss's office, and visiting a massage parlour, a leaked memo has revealed. Here are some tips to get the conversation started: Come with an attitude of etxt and interest to understand the social pressures your teen is facing and listen to what they think this generation of teens have to consider online.

Involving a safe adult to help you would probably be a good idea if you want to go down this path.

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However, it is important to note that the non-consensual distribution of an intimate image offence also applies to adults. What can I do? What if an adult has or is sharing my image? If you are scared that a nude of you will be shared by someone, you can apply for something called a prevention order i.

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Nudes sent under pressure are not considered to be consensual. If someone is pressuring you to send nudes, they are probably pressuring someone else, too. Sharing nudes of someone else under 18 years old may be considered illegal. One agent was suspended picturs taking an FBI motorcycle for a joyride, while another was disciplined for carrying ssex gun while drunk. Receiving Nudes and What to do With Them Facts for Youth: If you receive a nude on your phone and keep it then you are storing it on your device.

This is not okay. Sharing causes harm. Note: While posting a recording online or sharing it by phone are likely the most common ways this puctures will take place, the offence also includes selling the image, advertising the image, or making it available such as posting a link to the image. Tell your parents or guardians about what is happening so they can immediately help you with the situation.

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The report said the employee hid a recording device in the office and searched through his supervisor's paperwork. The fallout from sharing nudes can be really harmful emotionally, socially, and psychologically. We can help.

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I want to report to Cybertip. Call us toll-free at If you receive a nude, delete it.

What does “intimate image” mean?

The FBI said the regular s to staff pictkres disciplinary issues were deed as deterrence. Avoid becoming emotionally charged to try to keep the conversation open. I want to talk to someone on the phone.

In one case, an employee used a personal mobile phone to send nude photographs to several other employees. This is harmful and may be illegal. What if I am being threatened or blackmailed?

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If you are a Canadian, you can call us toll-free at if you need help finding the proper support services in your area. Where else can I turn for support or more information? The above is general information and it is pictuers to help you understand the law better. This could have implications for your parents. The unnamed agents involved were either suspended or dismissed.

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If your device belongs to your parents the contract is under their namethen the nudes are being stored on or sent from their device. Determine who those adults are in your life. You can also report your concern to us through our Cybertip.

You can contact Kids Help Phonean anonymous and confidential counselling service. You can also contact Cybertip.

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You can go to needhelpnow. Sharing nudes of someone else can have harmful emotional, social, and psychological impacts on the youth who is in the picture, as well as on others.

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The report said the incident "created office gossip" and "adversely affected the daily activities of several squ". Certain provinces have additional legislation in place that would allow you to bring a civil action in court against the person s who distributed your intimate image without your consent.

They ranged from the "unprofessional conduct" of texting nude images, to more serious theft and gun offences. This is a recent law and it is not possible to predict how it will be interpreted and enforced by police and the courts. The misconduct cases were among those detailed in a leaked internalsent to all FBI staff and published online by CNN.

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