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Weather chat room

Always treat others as you would want them to treat you. When this is done it keeps cgat chatters from being able to post messages.

The JSON payload is an array of messages with index values of: seqnum: The sequence of the message ts: The timestamp of the message in GMT author: The author of the message log: The message usually in HTML format If you plan on developing a large application against this service, please let us know. Then use the largest value you get back each call to only fetch the most recent content. No Offensive Language: Do not post, or attempt to post by disguise represent swear words with symbols or sany words which are "foul", "obscene", or "cuss" words.

No Flaming: Do not engage or participate in any activities directly or indirectly which harass, threaten, abuse or intimidate other users. Such behaviour only makes you look small minded.

Weather chat room

JSON web service Data is provided to this application in a web 2. You would want to start with 0 to get the most recent history. In other words, don't be mean to others.

No Shouting: Do not use all capital letters when posting messages. Additionally, explicitly violent talk, fights, racist language, or other abusive language is not allowed.

Weather chat room

No racist or prejudice slurs: Racism and prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated. The use of all capital letters when posting a message in a in a chat room or during an Instant Messaging session is considered shouting.

You can directly call this JSON service to get the same information. Please help us by following these simple rules so we can keep the chat room open.

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